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Kickstarting the Suns

Developer Diary 3 We are debating running a Kickstarter for Fading Suns: Noble Armada. While we self-funded the game (read: I worked on it in my spare time rather than pay myself), there are a few things that would benefit from funding. These include: Hiring a programmer to port it to other platforms (right now […]

FSNA Developer Diary 2

by Andrew Greenberg Holistic Design Inc. first released the Fading Suns universe in the role playing game of the same name (Check out Ulisses Spiele’s plans for the tabletop game). Emperor of the Fading Suns was our first computer game set in the universe. A few years later we began work on the Noble Armada […]

Andrew’s Noble Armada Developer Diary

Live FSNA Playtest It’s always scary to debut your game to new eyes. We want the feedback and criticism, yet are afraid of it at the same time. What if there really is a bug? Time to turn on the anti-negativity shields, don the rose-colored spectacles, and rush into the fray … or at least […]

Bill’s Fading Suns Designer Diary

Good news for Fading Suns fans: Bill Bridges has the first in a monthly series of design diaries about the new edition of Fading Suns now up at the Ulisses NA site. Check it out: There’s also a link there letting you download a free PDF of the latest Town Criers Guild report, with news, […]

Fading Suns at Gen Con 50

There’s Fading Suns stuff going on at Gen Con this year! Check out Bill Bridges’ latest post for all the links and booth info.  [Translate]