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Livestreaming Your Way to a Better Game

Andrew’s article about livestreaming games during development is now live on Gamasutra! Here’s an excerpt: For years we developers had it drummed into our heads to never allow public scrutiny of a game until it was ready for prime time. The (warranted) fear is that negative previews can haunt a game long after it launches, […]

Noble Armada Needs Your Vote!

Fading Suns: Noble Armada, HDI’s digital version of its Noble Armada starship combat game, is now looking to get Greenlit on Steam, and we need your vote! This real-time strategy game allows you to command ships for one of the five royal houses of the Fading Suns as you battle barbarians, heretics and, worst […]

FADING SUNS to Shine with New Publisher

ATLANTA – NOVEMBER 1, 2016 – Holistic Design Inc. (HDI) announced today that German game company Ulisses Spiele GmbH has taken over publishing the award-winning Fading Suns roleplaying game. Fading Suns, first published by HDI in 1996, has gone through numerous editions and been translated into 6 languages. “We at HDI are excited to announce […]

Dragon Con 2016

Members of HDI will once again be at our local convention, Dragon Con, this Labor Day weekend. Bill & Andrew together in one room: Bill and Andrew will be chatting about the old, early days of White Wolf, along with James A. Moore. Come see us Saturday night! Title: World of Darkness: 25th Anniversary Description: […]

Town Criers Guild Announces Fading Suns Portuguese Translation

ATLANTA – August 5, 2016 – Holistic Design Inc. and Canivete Films announce a licensing agreement for a Fading Suns roleplaying game Portuguese translation. After many years, and much growing support for the system, the gaming community in Brazil can look forward to an opportunity to travel amongst the stars to worlds of wonder and […]